Route Three ERISA Services focuses exclusively on serving U.S. Corporations offering self-funded,  I.R.S. tax qualified benefit plans, subject to Title 1 and Title 4 of the ERISA Code.  Our mission is to mitigate both business and personal liability risks for employers who are subject to ERISA fiduciary compliance requirements, through the application of a rigorous, disciplined and continuous decision making and compliance surveillance process

Route Three’s consultants have a wide range of experience in plan designs and understand the human response to the costs and choices of healthcare.

Under ERISA, self-funded/self-insured employee benefits plans, and retirement accounts should be audited by a third party auditor on a regular basis.  Route Three is uniquely qualified because of the range of experience our consultants have had in understanding plan designs and the human response to the cost and choices made because of costs and design.

We review plan documents, service provider contracts, and administration procedures for ERISA qualified retirement and health & welfare plans with an eye for uncovering discrepancies in contractual and compliance requirements.  When applicable, we will apply our proprietary data gathering protocol to secure your Plan’s data for assessment. This process includes access to and clear use of the medical claims expenditures from your current TPA for the review of your Qualified Plan’s compliance team.

Ongoing Compliance Surveillance

– ERISA Dashboard compliance
– Claims scrubbing to prevent potential errors
– Transparent claims payment solutions
– Future savings from preventing eligibility errors

– ERISA Compliance Calendar Notifications
– Plan governance oversight
– Investment Committee mandated duties
– Maintaining prudent processes for decision making

The regulatory landscape is always changing.  We can help fiduciaries stay up to date on the regulations, as well as to prepare for eventual DOL audits or investigations.

Bringing to the table our network of ERISA-focused legal firms, we help Plan fiduciaries uncover and recover undisclosed fees, markups, eligibility errors and other overcharges.

Our team of consultants and ERISA experts integrate with our network of data mining specialists to review all available health care claims expenditures, assisting Plan fiduciaries to recover and refund overpayments