Ralph Weber, President

Route Three offers a range of consulting services designed to help your business reach its full potential.

Route Three was founded by Ralph F. Weber in 1997, on the principles of targeted needs and actuarial soundness. Our talent in this area means we know how to find the best rates, underwriters and administrators for employee benefits.

We guard your assets as if they were our own.

“Every client is different, we do not specialize in one-size-fits-all solutions, we LISTEN to the client and help them prioritize their needs“

-Ralph F. Weber, President

In 1997, Weber realized there was a unique group of specialists who were very under-insured: tow truck drivers. They were being rated as long haul truckers and auto mechanics, by actuaries who didn’t understand their uniqueness. An actuarial genius and mathematician, Weber created the first of three policies strictly for towing and recovery professionals.

We work with the finest actuarial and benefits administrators. Our consultants in this area have led to our success in association plans and large group plan design and implementation.

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